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Professional photography Tips & Information

At kp studios, our goal is to share professional photography tips and information, helping our readers have a thriving commercial photoshoot no matter who you hire. We want every photographic experience to be a good one. Hopefully, the information in our blog will answer some of your commercial photography-related questions and help you better understand what the heck commercial photography is, what types of work commercial photographers shoot, and best practices for working with professional photographers. 

Corporate Headshots

Female Professional Headshots

We all know the importance of a great headshot, but what about the talented artists who make those killer professional headshots for women—especially. Great headshot

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Industrial photographer
Industrial Photography

Types of Industrial Photography

Industrial photography requires industrial photographers to capture many different photographic images. These shoots can be highly complex and require specialized skill and experience to have a successful shoot.

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Commercial Photography

What is an Industrial photographer?

An industrial photographer is a professional photographer with experience working inside manufacturing and machine plants. We had the pleasure of working with Brose out of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, to help

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Acting Headshots

Quality vs. Quantity

When it comes to corporate photography, oftentimes less is more. High-quality images say a lot about your professionalism and values. Your photos represent your company

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Advertising Photography

Are Tattoos Taboo?

On a recent shoot with an HVAC and home services company, we encountered an interesting dilemma. Some of their employees have extensive tattoos. The company

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Advertising Photography

Small Decisions = Big Results

Why You Should Designate a Decision Maker Making effective business decisions is just as crucial for corporate photography as any other aspect of your operations. Your corporate

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